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White Collar Crime Archives

A defense attorney can launch an investigation too

Being named subject in an official Illinois police probe can be extremely stressful. Many times, such situations amount to very little and are quickly concluded when authorities realize they were focusing on the wrong person or there isn't any evidence that a crime has been committed. However, if more serious problems arise, and charges are filed, a defendant has every right to secure defense counsel, who can launch an independent investigation into the matter, especially if there is concern that a personal rights violation has occurred.

Woman changes residences in Illinois and claims identity theft

Moving from one Illinois home to another is often a stressful experience, no matter how those involved might be looking forward to their new lifestyles. Complications and/or errors involving rental trucks, postal address changes, etc., can add undue burdens to such situations. One woman claims she was the victim of identity theft when she and her fiance moved from one apartment to another.

Tax season will likely lead to identity theft charges for some

In Illinois and throughout the country, it's that time of year when most people are rushing to get their tax returns filed and any required payments remitted. Many complications, delays and problematic issues often arise in the days and weeks that follow. Some people make mistakes filling out their tax forms. Others forget to include certain income. Some, however, will wind up facing identity theft charges when accused of using stolen information to collect tax refunds.

White collar crime often includes various types of fraud

When one hears the term "white collar crime," it may evoke images of clean shirts or high-powered business meetings. However, such terminology typically refers to any number of non-violent crimes, often including various kinds of fraud, perpetrated against one or more parties in order to obtain some type of financial gain. When an Illinois resident is charged with fraud, he or she is suspected of willfully deceiving another person for monetary gain.

Consequences of white collar crime convictions in Illinois

Being accused of a crime in Illinois is serious business. For instance, if you're charged with a white collar crime, you could face substantial fines and time in jail if you're convicted in court. Such situations may cost you your job, as well as adversely affect your family life.

4 men face federal white collar crime charges in another state

Working in an Illinois post office can be quite stressful; yet, many find the work satisfying. Postal customers, however, tend to get very upset if a piece of mail they're expecting never arrives. In some situations, a clerical mistake or delivery error is found to have been the case. Other times, white collar crime may be suspected.

Last year remembered for many things: Identity theft one of them

Among Illinois readers, there are likely those who enjoy reading about various types of records being set. Whether athletic feats or business accomplishments, it's interesting and fun to read about major achievements. Some records, however, are a little less positive. For instance, one report lists 2016 as being the year when identity theft ranked at an all time high in Illinois and across the nation.

Illinois woman indicted for fraud, identity theft and more

A woman in Illinois faces nearly 100 counts of various white collar crime charges. Police investigators say she committed fraud, identity theft and more over an extended period of time, dating back to May 2015. A few days before this past Christmas, police took her into custody.

Man charged for white collar crime has pleaded guilty

Those who work for the postal service in Illinois may sometimes have access to certain personal information of other workers. Any use of such information for illicit purposes may, of course, be subject to punishment by law. A man in another state was accused of being involved in a white collar crime scheme of this sort, and has reportedly entered a guilty plea regarding the charges against him.

2 arrests made in Illinois regarding alleged white collar crime

When purchasing a motor vehicle, it is unlawful to provide false personal information to secure a deal. Using another person's identity or false banking information, etc... is considered white collar crime that is punishable by imprisonment if convicted in an Illinois court. Two people were recently arrested and charged for such crimes.

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