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Violent Crime Archives

Illinois man facing murder charges following recent shooting

There's a man sitting behind bars in an Illinois jail cell whose bond has been set at $3 million. He reportedly went with police without incident when they approached him as he was walking along in a particular neighborhood before dawn on a recent Saturday morning. The state has filed murder charges against the man in relation to a shooting that occurred just after midnight that same day.

Murder charges filed in Illinois, man questioned by police

When one person is accused of causing another person's death, what follows is often a lengthy and challenging courtroom battle where the defendant hopes to avoid conviction. Whether that is the actual outcome often depends on the type of defense strategies employed during a trial. Where murder charges in Illinois are concerned, prosecutors may be quite aggressive in their quests to secure convictions. Therefore, if a defendant hopes to mitigate his or her circumstances, it's often best to retain experienced representation in court.

3 college football players charged with robbery in Illinois

Many Lake Charles and other Illinois college football players enjoy a certain amount of fame and prestige on their respective campuses. From cheerleaders to fans, faculty and other students, star players are often recognized wherever they go. Players have to keep up their grade point averages and remain in good standing with school administration in order to hold their spots on their teams. Three players at the University of Illinois have their work cut out for them in that respect because they've all been accused of robbery.

No one wants to face assault charges alone in Illinois

There are certain situations where an Illinois resident might feel comfortable acting on his or her own behalf in court. For instance, when someone gets a minor traffic ticket, it doesn't always evoke an urgent need for legal representation. Some situations, however, such as assault charges or other violent crimes, typically leave people feeling like they'd fare better in court with help from an experienced attorney.

Man accused of violent crimes released from jail by mistake

A man who was being detained in an Illinois state prison was recently paroled in connection with an armed robbery conviction. However, authorities subsequently claimed his release was a mistake because he had also been accused of violent crimes, namely murder, for which a $2 million bail had been set. A manhunt ensued in the week that followed.

Alleged speeding leads to attempted murder charges in Illinois

A 57-year-old woman in Illinois is facing big problems after getting stopped by police on the road. The officer who pulled her over said he observed her driving at excessive speeds. However, incident quickly escalated and reportedly led to attempted murder charges being filed against the woman.

Self-defense may be your best defense

While every criminal allegation has the potential to jeopardize your future, charges involving violent crimes are among the most damaging. If you are accused of battery, manslaughter or murder, you can expect that the prosecution will be aggressive in seeking conviction, so you will want to be aggressive in defending yourself.

Murder charges announced in Illinois

Investigators say a 20-year-old man is in jail with bail set at $2 million in Belleville. The murder charges were filed in connection with the death of a 28-year-old man on a recent Friday in Illinois. A circuit court judge that appears to have been residing with the defendant before the incident took place has been removed from all court cases pending further investigation of their relationship.

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