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3 reasons to refuse a police search

Do you know your rights if a law enforcement official requests to search you or your property? Whether or not you break any laws, you should be ready to protect yourself if police ever become suspicious of your behavior. Most people assume they should either automatically give police consent to search or do not know how to properly refuse a search.

How are jury members selected?

If you are ever chosen for jury duty or charged with a criminal act, you may wonder how your name came to be included for consideration, or how the people who will ultimately decide your fate were determined. The size of the jury tasked with issuing a verdict in your case will depend on what jurisdiction you reside in, the type of charge you face and so on. For example, most juries are made up of either six or 12 people. Civil cases may be more likely to have six-person juries, whereas serious criminal trials usually involve a jury of 12.

Have you been named in a federal criminal investigation?

It can be rather disconcerting to answer a knock at your door only to find federal investigators standing on the other side. If they begin asking questions and requesting entrance into your home, things can quickly grow more stressful by the minute. However, in Illinois and throughout the nation, anyone who becomes the subject of a criminal investigation may request legal representation before discussing the situation further.

Never presume the outcome of a federal cocaine charge

Whether in Illinois or another state, a person charged with a drug crime has every right to fight the charges in court. One can never presume a particular outcome as every situation is different and much depends on the type of defense presented in court. Some drug charges, such as those involving cocaine, heroin and other heavy narcotics, are often aggressively prosecuted, especially if filed at the federal level.

Several men charged with cocaine offenses in Illinois

Facing drug charges at the federal level in Illinois is no joke. The government is usually quite aggressive in its prosecution of such matters. Several men were recently taken into custody and have since been charged with drug crimes that involve cocaine.

Can DNA evidence be compromised?

If you watch courtroom and crime dramas, you may notice that DNA evidence is often portrayed as undisputable. In real-life criminal trials, however, the stakes are higher than ever, making it absolutely critical that DNA evidence is properly collected, transported, stored and otherwise protected throughout the process.

Prison sentence rendered after murder conspiracy conviction

Two members of the same family have reportedly been convicted of trying to kill the same person in Illinois on more than one occasion. One of the two brothers recently received a prison sentence. The other pleaded guilty and was already sentenced for the crime earlier in the year.

Forensic evidence used in criminal cases is not always accurate

In criminal cases, the prosecution often relies on forensic evidence to strengthen their cases against the accused. Additionally, many judges and juries will view this type of evidence as reliable forms of proof. But is it?

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