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A defense attorney can launch an investigation too

Being named subject in an official Illinois police probe can be extremely stressful. Many times, such situations amount to very little and are quickly concluded when authorities realize they were focusing on the wrong person or there isn't any evidence that a crime has been committed. However, if more serious problems arise, and charges are filed, a defendant has every right to secure defense counsel, who can launch an independent investigation into the matter, especially if there is concern that a personal rights violation has occurred.

Police do not have free rein when it comes to investigating a possible crime or searching someone's vehicle, person or premises. In fact, if authorities show up at your door requesting to have a look around inside, you do not have to grant permission. If police seize items from your home, your pocket or your car, and you believe they have done so in direct violation of the strict protocol to which they must adhere, you are protected under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S.Constitution and can challenge any evidence proffered in court.

Most citizens with no backgrounds in law wouldn't have the first clue about how to go about challenging official evidence in court. This is something an experienced criminal defense attorney is well aware of, however. An attorney knows just what to look for when investigating the search and seizure process and can quickly bring any problematic issues to the court's attention.

As soon as you learn you are named as a suspect in a police investigation, you can request a meeting with a defense attorney to forge an alliance in case any formal charges are filed against you. Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates are available to assist clients throughout Illinois, and have particular experience fighting against while collar crime charges. Protecting your rights and helping you achieve a beneficial result are priorities we take seriously.

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