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May 2017 Archives

Swimming and tennis likely on backburner after drug charges filed

A couple in Illinois who reportedly planned to get married in a palatial home they recently purchased that features a tennis court and indoor pool may have to delay their plans. An incident occurred that resulted in drug charges against both of them. Although adjudication of the situation has only just begun, chances are they won't be celebrating a wedding anytime soon.

Murder charges filed in Illinois, man questioned by police

When one person is accused of causing another person's death, what follows is often a lengthy and challenging courtroom battle where the defendant hopes to avoid conviction. Whether that is the actual outcome often depends on the type of defense strategies employed during a trial. Where murder charges in Illinois are concerned, prosecutors may be quite aggressive in their quests to secure convictions. Therefore, if a defendant hopes to mitigate his or her circumstances, it's often best to retain experienced representation in court.

3 college football players charged with robbery in Illinois

Many Lake Charles and other Illinois college football players enjoy a certain amount of fame and prestige on their respective campuses. From cheerleaders to fans, faculty and other students, star players are often recognized wherever they go. Players have to keep up their grade point averages and remain in good standing with school administration in order to hold their spots on their teams. Three players at the University of Illinois have their work cut out for them in that respect because they've all been accused of robbery.

3 reasons to refuse a police search

Do you know your rights if a law enforcement official requests to search you or your property? Whether or not you break any laws, you should be ready to protect yourself if police ever become suspicious of your behavior. Most people assume they should either automatically give police consent to search or do not know how to properly refuse a search.

An arrest doesn't necessarily mean a drug crime was committed

If an Illinois police officer puts you in handcuffs and charges you with a criminal offense, it doesn't necessarily mean you will be convicted. In fact, in a situation where police suspect a drug crime has taken place, a person may wind up walking away without ever seeing the inside of a jail cell. Whether that happens, or a far less desirable outcome occurs, often depends on the type of defense presented in court.

Defendant says he suffered head injury during drug charges arrest

A man in Illinois appeared in a courtroom with his head wrapped in a white bandage. He told the court that police officers caused his head injury during a recent arrest process. The man is facing drug charges in addition to other problems reportedly associated with a past incident.

Illinois neighborhood scene of several recent drug crime arrests

When police produce bags of white power and accuse an Illinois resident of criminal wrongdoing, much more has to happen before the person charged can be convicted. In fact, a person charged with a drug crime may successfully avoid such an outcome. It often takes time to build a strong defense, however, and it's typically best to act alongside experienced guidance as the case heads to court.

Federal drug charges connected to drug distribution in Illinois

Federal agents say they've been trying to tear down a Mexican drug cartel for some time. A lengthy investigation ensued that resulted in drug charges filed against 28 people. They are accused of drug distribution in several states, including Illinois.

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