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Pulled over in a traffic stop, then arrested for drug possession?

Seeing the flash of red and blue lights in the rear view mirror while traveling along an Illinois highway is enough to make any driver have an anxiety attack. The first item of importance during a traffic stop is obviously to find a way to safely pull over and come to a stop on the side of the road. Sometimes, such incidents are without much consequence other than a police officer issuing some type of warning, then telling you you're free to go. Not all stops end this way, however, and if you wind up in handcuffs, facing drug charges, you may need aggressive defense assistance to rectify your situation.

In most instances, police officers are prohibited from rifling through your car without your permission (that is, if they do not produce a valid search warrant). You also aren't required to answer questions beyond those having to do with your name, address and vehicle identification. If an officer asks where you were and what you were doing an hour or so before, you have the right to politely decline to answer until you have secured legal representation.

Suppose there's a prescription medication vial laying on the passenger seat in your vehicle. An officer may seize that item and claim you were in possession of drugs. The pill bottle might not even belong to you; yet, you may have to navigate the criminal justice system to establish that fact.

When a traffic stop turns into a drug arrest, it's typically best to seek guidance from an experienced Illinois defense attorney. There are often grounds for challenging evidence in court, which an attorney can easily identify by investigating the events that led to your arrest. Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates have successfully defended clients throughout the nation against serious drug charges and are committed to helping you protect your rights.

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