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April 2017 Archives

Woman changes residences in Illinois and claims identity theft

Moving from one Illinois home to another is often a stressful experience, no matter how those involved might be looking forward to their new lifestyles. Complications and/or errors involving rental trucks, postal address changes, etc., can add undue burdens to such situations. One woman claims she was the victim of identity theft when she and her fiance moved from one apartment to another.

No one wants to face assault charges alone in Illinois

There are certain situations where an Illinois resident might feel comfortable acting on his or her own behalf in court. For instance, when someone gets a minor traffic ticket, it doesn't always evoke an urgent need for legal representation. Some situations, however, such as assault charges or other violent crimes, typically leave people feeling like they'd fare better in court with help from an experienced attorney.

Police say recent bust resulted in drug charges against many

Illinois police claim they've taken down an active drug-smuggling network after a recent raid in Naperville. Law enforcement conducted the bust at a group of warehouses. Authorities say some of the drugs that came through the location were sold in a shopping mall parking lot. Nineteen people were arrested and are now facing serious drug charges.

3 ways to avoid charges for unintentional Medicare fraud

As a new physician eager to maximize revenue, you need to make sure you do not unintentionally stumble into Medicare fraud through sloppy practices or mismanagement. Even though you do not have any intentions to commit fraud, sometimes you can get in trouble by accident. There are several scenarios where you can be charged with Medicare fraud even when you think you provided a legitimate service and billed everything correctly.

Tax season will likely lead to identity theft charges for some

In Illinois and throughout the country, it's that time of year when most people are rushing to get their tax returns filed and any required payments remitted. Many complications, delays and problematic issues often arise in the days and weeks that follow. Some people make mistakes filling out their tax forms. Others forget to include certain income. Some, however, will wind up facing identity theft charges when accused of using stolen information to collect tax refunds.

Pulled over in a traffic stop, then arrested for drug possession?

Seeing the flash of red and blue lights in the rear view mirror while traveling along an Illinois highway is enough to make any driver have an anxiety attack. The first item of importance during a traffic stop is obviously to find a way to safely pull over and come to a stop on the side of the road. Sometimes, such incidents are without much consequence other than a police officer issuing some type of warning, then telling you you're free to go. Not all stops end this way, however, and if you wind up in handcuffs, facing drug charges, you may need aggressive defense assistance to rectify your situation.

White collar crime often includes various types of fraud

When one hears the term "white collar crime," it may evoke images of clean shirts or high-powered business meetings. However, such terminology typically refers to any number of non-violent crimes, often including various kinds of fraud, perpetrated against one or more parties in order to obtain some type of financial gain. When an Illinois resident is charged with fraud, he or she is suspected of willfully deceiving another person for monetary gain.

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