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March 2017 Archives

Illinois man must serve 75 percent of sentence for drug crime

There are certain unexpected situations that can drastically change the course of events in a person's life. Being charged with, tried for and convicted of a drug crime is definitely one of them. Many people in Illinois have lost jobs or faced serious family problems in connection with drug-related incidents.  

How are jury members selected?

If you are ever chosen for jury duty or charged with a criminal act, you may wonder how your name came to be included for consideration, or how the people who will ultimately decide your fate were determined. The size of the jury tasked with issuing a verdict in your case will depend on what jurisdiction you reside in, the type of charge you face and so on. For example, most juries are made up of either six or 12 people. Civil cases may be more likely to have six-person juries, whereas serious criminal trials usually involve a jury of 12.

Major drug charges filed after altercation in Illinois

An Illinois deputy wound up injured after an incident that authorities say occurred while an arrest warrant was being served. Two people, ages 42 and 52, were arrested in connection with the incident. Both now face charges of battery against a peace officer, as well as drug charges.

Consequences of white collar crime convictions in Illinois

Being accused of a crime in Illinois is serious business. For instance, if you're charged with a white collar crime, you could face substantial fines and time in jail if you're convicted in court. Such situations may cost you your job, as well as adversely affect your family life.

Man accused of violent crimes released from jail by mistake

A man who was being detained in an Illinois state prison was recently paroled in connection with an armed robbery conviction. However, authorities subsequently claimed his release was a mistake because he had also been accused of violent crimes, namely murder, for which a $2 million bail had been set. A manhunt ensued in the week that followed.

Police accuse Illinois man of drug crime and seize a car

One never knows when an uneventful day at home may suddenly turn into a highly stressful situation. Illinois residents who have had their homes raided by police no doubt understand how this feels. It can be an extremely degrading and emotionally traumatic experience to watch law enforcement agents rummaging through one's personal things as if they are meaningless objects. Police searched a man's home recently and wound up accusing him of a drug crime.

4 men face federal white collar crime charges in another state

Working in an Illinois post office can be quite stressful; yet, many find the work satisfying. Postal customers, however, tend to get very upset if a piece of mail they're expecting never arrives. In some situations, a clerical mistake or delivery error is found to have been the case. Other times, white collar crime may be suspected.

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