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Have you been named in a federal criminal investigation?

It can be rather disconcerting to answer a knock at your door only to find federal investigators standing on the other side. If they begin asking questions and requesting entrance into your home, things can quickly grow more stressful by the minute. However, in Illinois and throughout the nation, anyone who becomes the subject of a criminal investigation may request legal representation before discussing the situation further.

Sometimes, investigators will say they merely want to ask a few questions; then, they'll be on their way. Of course, you're free to speak to them if you so choose, but it helps to remember that you are really under no obligation to do so beyond answering basic questions regarding your name and address. In fact, in such situations, it's typically beneficial to request immediate assistance from a criminal defense attorney.

Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates are an experienced team of lawyers who have defended many Illinois residents against various types of criminal charges, including drug-related issues, white collar crime, assault and attempted murder. Obtaining a positive outcome in court often hinges upon a skilled and aggressive defense. Such defense can begin long before formal charges are filed.

If you believe your personal rights have been violated during a criminal investigation in Illinois, we are prepared to help you rectify the situation. One of our main goals is to protect your rights and do our best to minimize the potential negative repercussions your situations might cause. Whether drugs are the issue, fraud or some other matter, we can provide effective counsel and combat any tactics used by prosecutors in their quest to obtain a conviction against you.

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