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Never presume the outcome of a federal cocaine charge

Whether in Illinois or another state, a person charged with a drug crime has every right to fight the charges in court. One can never presume a particular outcome as every situation is different and much depends on the type of defense presented in court. Some drug charges, such as those involving cocaine, heroin and other heavy narcotics, are often aggressively prosecuted, especially if filed at the federal level.

Being accused of illicit drug activity does not, however, negate a person's constitutional rights. If a conviction is handed down, then, yes, a defendant's personal freedom might be at stake, but his or her rights must be protected at every stage of the criminal justice process. In fact, many defense lawyers have successfully challenged evidence and/or charges after establishing that a violation of personal rights occurred.

The average person with no background in law may not have a clue as to what can be challenged, or even what would be evidence of a personal rights violation. This is one of many reasons it is typically wise to request legal representation as soon as one appears to be targeted in a drug-related investigation. A skilled attorney can scrutinize the whole process and pursue any particular issues that causes concern.

Federal level charges are often more severe that those prosecuted by the state. Based on knowledge of state and federal law, as well as experience going up against the FBI and tenacious prosecutors, the firm of Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates will focus on fully protecting the rights of the firm's clients while seeking to mitigate  negative consequences wherever possible. If you have been charged with a cocaine crime in Illinois, you can request a consultation to begin building a strong defense.

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