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Facing charges of illegal use of a weapon in Illinois

Every state has its own gun laws. There are also federal laws that govern such matters. If you have been accused of illegal use of a weapon in Illinois, you may be worried about potential penalties under conviction, among other things.

A key factor toward a positive outcome is to remember that mere accusations do not necessarily mean a conviction will be handed down in court. A person facing weapons charges may be able to avoid conviction through strong, aggressive defense assistance. A strong defense often begins with analyzing any searches or seizures that may have taken place, leading up to or following an arrest.

Law enforcement personnel do not have free rein when it comes to entering someone's home or searching personal property. If a defense attorney determines that appropriate warrants were not first secured before a search took place, a request can made that all charges be dropped or that certain proffered evidence be deemed inadmissible in court. A defendant facing charges still has rights, and an experienced attorney knows how best to proceed to protect those rights.

Use of a weapon in Illinois is legal under many circumstances. If you believe you have been wrongly accused, it may be crucial to discuss your situation with someone who knows the law and can determine your options for fighting the charges filed against you. As a personal advocate, Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates understands that preserving your freedom and minimizing the long-lasting negative impact of your situation is of paramount importance. By acting alongside skilled representation, you may increase your chances of staying out of jail and avoiding conviction.

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