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Drug charges filed nearly a year after investigation began

Suspected drug crime investigations often last months, even years. Often times, a lengthy investigation will combine efforts of various police departments and/or drug task force agencies. After a recent nearly year-long investigation, drug charges were filed against a man in Illinois.

The 58-year-old man was arrested after a massive drug bust in November. Officers who raided a private home say they found the man and a woman present at the time. Police say they allowed the woman in question to leave without further incident.

What followed thereafter, however, changed the man's life in a big way. Authorities claim to have seized drugs amounting to more than $8 million in street value inside the man's house. More than $100,000 in cold hard cash is also said to have been found. Police didn't stop there. They claim they seized two guns, methamphetamine, Fentanyl and approximately 50 kilograms of cocaine.

The man now faces several drug charges in Illinois. Police say they are searching for another man with the same last name who is age 26. They say he is facing drug charges related to a separate incident. At any time during an investigation, the process of arrest or after being charged, a suspect or defendant may request representation from an experienced criminal defense lawyer in order to help mitigate the potential negative consequences of a particular situation. One of the first things an attorney can do is determine whether authorities have violated any personal rights during any searches and seizures that may have taken place.

Source: mystateline.com, "50 Kilos of Cocaine Seized, One Arrested", Dec. 1, 2016

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