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December 2016 Archives

Murder charges lead to $3 million bond in Illinois

The holiday season included a drastic turn of events for one 37-year-old man in Illinois. Rather than celebrating with family and friends, he is now sitting behind bars on a $3 million bond. The bond was set by a Lake County Judge in connection with murder charges that have been filed against the man.

How can you protect yourself from accusations of sexual abuse?

If you follow American media, you have probably heard of a steady stream of cases in which educators are accused of inappropriate actions, which are often sexual in nature, with their students. While some of the cases that seem to get the most screen time involve strikingly attractive female teachers, accusations affect both male and female teachers in America, and not all these accusations come from a place of truth.

2 arrests made in Illinois regarding alleged white collar crime

When purchasing a motor vehicle, it is unlawful to provide false personal information to secure a deal. Using another person's identity or false banking information, etc... is considered white collar crime that is punishable by imprisonment if convicted in an Illinois court. Two people were recently arrested and charged for such crimes.

Drug charges filed nearly a year after investigation began

Suspected drug crime investigations often last months, even years. Often times, a lengthy investigation will combine efforts of various police departments and/or drug task force agencies. After a recent nearly year-long investigation, drug charges were filed against a man in Illinois.

Illinois man fights murder charges by pleading not guilty

After being arrested and charged for murder, an Illinois man has entered a not guilty plea in court. Murder charges were filed against the man after the death of a police officer in October 2016. The man entered his plea at a preliminary hearing on a recent Monday.

Accusations do not constitute guilt in Illinois or elsewhere

Many people have lost their freedom or incurred other penalties when convicted of serious crimes in Illinois. However, mere accusations do not prove one has committed any type of crime. In fact, the criminal justice system in the United States presumes anyone accused of a crime innocent unless proved otherwise in court. Therefore, it is typically within one's best interests when accused of criminal acts to build as strong a defense as possible.

Several men charged with cocaine offenses in Illinois

Facing drug charges at the federal level in Illinois is no joke. The government is usually quite aggressive in its prosecution of such matters. Several men were recently taken into custody and have since been charged with drug crimes that involve cocaine.

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