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October 2016 Archives

People who have a drug addiction need treatment, not jail time

If you have ever served time for a drug-related criminal offense, you probably know that many of today's jails and prisons are packed to the gills with those serving sentences for similar reasons. With the National Association of Drug Court Professionals reporting that 95 percent of all drug abusers released from prison ultimately return to drug abuse, you may wonder what, if anything, is being done to help curb the problem.

Report released on the criminalization of drug use in the U.S.

When someone is sick or injured, we send them to get the medical attention and treatment they need to get well. Unfortunately, this is all too often not the case for people suffering from drug addiction - particularly when law enforcement is involved.

Forensic evidence used in criminal cases is not always accurate

In criminal cases, the prosecution often relies on forensic evidence to strengthen their cases against the accused. Additionally, many judges and juries will view this type of evidence as reliable forms of proof. But is it?

Could you be accused of a white collar crime?

The term white collar crime refers to a range of offenses and, just like other crimes, can vary in severity depending on the circumstances. Typically it includes crimes that are committed through deceit, concealment or violation of trust. White collar crimes are motivated by financial gain, and do not typically involve violence, or even the threat of it.

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