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Attorney Ralph E. Meczyk is first and foremost a trial lawyer. He is known throughout the country for his relentless preparation, aggressive defense, and ability to successfully achieve not-guilty verdicts for his clients. He has assembled successful defenses for some of the most high-profile cases in Chicago.

With the right attorney and law firm on your side, you can fight a murder charge and achieve a not-guilty verdict. If you have sub-par representation or a lawyer who is not experienced in trying murder charges, however, you could spend the rest of your life in jail. If you have been charged with murder or a violent crime, do not delay in aggressively fighting the charges with the most zealous defense possible. Call Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates today at 312.332.2853 or contact us online to learn how he can protect you.

When Your Back Is Against The Wall, Turn To The Lawyer You Can Trust To Protect You

Meczyk will put together an experienced defense team, attorneys, investigators and experts needed to convince a jury. One of his greatest strengths as a litigator lies in his ability to question and cross-examine witnesses. When the prosecution's key witness against you cannot be trusted, the prosecution's case crumbles. Ralph E. Meczyk has the experience and ability needed to call a key witness's testimony into question.

He has successfully tried all types of murder cases, including those where the prosecution has brought additional accelerated charges, such as drug crimes, gun charges and federal crimes. He will protect your rights and your future with the most effective defense strategies possible.

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