Protecting Your Rights In Grand Jury Proceedings

If there's a subpoena out there with your name on it, do not hesitate to discuss this with an attorney who can protect your rights and your interests. Call Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, at 312.332.2853 or contact us online.

Bringing Balance To Grand Jury Investigations

Grand jury proceedings are one-sided. The prosecutor is selective about what the grand jury will hear. Your lawyer cannot cross-examine the witnesses or make objections to the subject matter of the questions.

Before you talk to a grand jury, talk to a lawyer. The grand jury can be a dangerous place. You may say something you did not mean to say — and that small mistake can haunt you for months or years. When someone wants to talk to you in front of a grand jury, you need to be concerned.

Your attorney can protect your rights. Your lawyer will know the right questions to ask the prosecutor to determine the purpose of calling you to the grand jury. Are you a target? Is there a chance you could become a target? By having your lawyer speak to the prosecutor on your behalf, the prosecutor is on notice that you are represented, and is aware that your rights are being protected.

Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates has a reputation for aggressively representing our clients and protecting their rights. With hundreds of cases brought to trial, our attorney understands what it takes to build an effective defense. Before you walk into a grand jury room, we will see that you are fully prepared and know your rights.

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Prosecutors are not there to protect your rights. They are there in an investigative capacity, working to bring charges against someone. They often ask leading questions that can entrap clients who are not fully aware of the law. Protect yourself. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853. We provide 24-hour live answering service for your convenience.