Drew Peterson Trial Video 2

 [Beginning of Trial Sketch Review of Drew Peterson Trial audio] [GRAPHIC: Live, Cop’s Wife Found Dead, Live From Peterson Trial, Capturing the Drew Peterson Trial, Former police sergeant is accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004, In Session] Vinnie Politan: - practically neighbors to one another. All right, let’s do this. You know our cameras aren’t inside the courtroom, but Christine Cornell our sketch artist is inside that courtroom. Christine, great to see you. I know we’ve got some blustery weather this afternoon out there in Joliet, but I want to talk about two of the sketches that you did last week. One is Dr. Bloom, that cross-examination. To me that’s one of the most powerful sketches that you’ve done so far of this case, especially the intensity that you captured on the defense Ralph Meczyk’s face as he’s doing that cross examination. [GRAPHIC: Savio was found dead in the bathtub; Her death was first ruled an accident] Explain your picture for us. Christine Cornell: I’ve lost him. Vinnie Politan: Oh! You know, the weather is so bad out there, Mike, right now. We got this storm just rolling through Joliet and it’s knocked out Christine so she can’t hear me. But that cross-examination – we can put the picture back up, folks, ‘cause I still think it’s important to see the images. You look at the intensity and the defense there, and what we heard today, though, Mike, from our 13th juror that they felt sorry for Dr. Bloom. Look, you look at the picture. Christine Cornell actually captured that. You’re feeling some sympathy for the witness, yet Meczyk’s all over him. Mike: But it seems like he’s the unflappable Dr. Bloom. Vinnie Politan: And the jury’s gonna look at that, because apparently Neary turned around - I mean, Meczyk, he turned around while he’s talking to Dr. Bloom and kind of smiled. Is that good? Did that play well with the jury? What did the jury think of that? Mike: Yeah. Vinnie Politan: ‘Cause our 13th juror, you know, didn’t like it so much. Didn’t like that intense cross-examination. Christine Cornell? Do you hear me now, Christine? Christine Cornell: Yes, I can hear you. Vinnie Politan: Fantastic! We were talking about this picture of the cross examination of Dr. Bloom, and the intense face that the defense has on, Ralph Meczyk has on your sketch. Christine Cornell: Right. Well, Meczyk was the quintessential Runyonesque type of lawyer. [GRAPHIC: Christine Cornell, Sketch Artist] He was bounding with energy. He had filled his brain with tons of expertise to counter anything that Dr. Bloom had said. He actually tried to suggest that he was, you know, way ahead of Bloom in his understanding of forensic pathology. [GRAPHIC: Sketch artist Christine Cornell shows us what’s been happening in the courtroom] And it was incredibly entertaining stuff because he plays to the jury. It was entertaining. He would mug, he would look disdainful, he would pound the table, he just put on a fabulous show. Did he make a dent in anything? Not by my lights, because Bloom was a very confident witness. But he certainly pulled out all the stops in challenging him. [GRAPHIC: Former police sergeant is accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, in 2004] Vinnie Politan: I want to show another sketch - [End of Trial Sketch Review of Drew Peterson Trial audio] [End of Audio]