Chicago White Collar Crime Defense Lawyers

White collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement can be complicated cases involving multiple witnesses and many complex financial documents. If you have been charged or if you are under investigation, you need an attorney who has a high level of experience with financial crime defense to defend you. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853. We provide 24-hour live answering service for your convenience.

We Have Extensive Experience Representing All People Charged With White Collar Crimes

At Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, we have in-depth experience defending against financial crime charges. We have represented clients who are corporate CEOs as well as alleged members of the mob or Mafia.

We will protect your rights. Whatever your background, whatever crime you are charged with, we will take immediate steps to assure your rights are protected. If you are a corporate officer, a business accountant, a mob boss or a Mafia family member, we will insist that you have all the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

We understand complex financial documents. The government will often try to overwhelm and confuse a jury with charts and experts dealing with complicated financial transactions. We know how to investigate financial allegations, cross-examine witnesses and focus the jury on what you did and did not do.

We work to prove your innocence. The law says the prosecution has to prove your guilt. That's true, but our law firm does not take chances with your reputation and your freedom. We go beyond questioning the prosecution's case. We go beyond "not guilty." We build a case for innocence.

We Handle All Types Of Criminal Charges

Our law firm has national experience with white collar crime cases. If law enforcement wants to question you or if you have been charged, talk to an experienced lawyer — and no one else.

  • Honest services fraud, kickback schemes
  • Bribery, extortion, conspiracy, money laundering, racketeering
  • Medicare fraud, health care fraud, insurance fraud
  • Wire fraud, securities and tax fraud, mail fraud
  • Internet crime, computer hacking
  • Counterfeiting, forgery

We have the criminal defense experience and the determination to fight for your acquittal.

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Contact us online or call 312.332.2853. We provide 24-hour live answering service for your convenience.