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When the government suspects a conspiracy is behind the commission of a crime, the prosecutors will add racketeering to the charges. Racketeering is a way to increase the penalties in a crime.

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The Experience You Need When Facing Racketeering Allegations

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a complex charge that attempts to tie the alleged criminal actions of a number of people together and then charge them all.

We have experience with complex RICO charges. Mr. Meczyk knows how to go through the government's evidence, question witnesses and determine what did and what did not happen.

Drug crimes often have racketeering charges added on. If the government suspects a large conspiracy, a relatively straightforward drug trafficking charge can explode into a complex, heavily penalized racketeering charge.

Was conspiracy involved in a white collar crime? Medicare fraud — such as running a clinic as a criminal enterprise — can result in a RICO charge. Racketeering is charged in suspected mail fraud, mob conspiracies and corporate accounting conspiracies.

At our law firm, we have defended mob figures, CEOs, doctors, Mafia members and others accused of racketeering. Review our representative cases for more information about our services in handling RICO and racketeering offenses.

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