Defending Against State And Federal Firearms Charges

When the government adds a firearm charge to any other criminal charge, the situation gets much worse for the accused person. If you have been accused of using a firearm in the commission of a crime, talk to a lawyer with extensive criminal defense experience. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853.

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At Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, we represent people who have been arrested on criminal charges including firearms and gun charges. We have made a careful study of criminal defense for the past 30 years.

Your lawyers will be on your side. When you have been arrested, a lot of people are involved — and most of them want you to quietly plead guilty and go away for many years. If there is a firearm involved, they want to add some more years to your sentence. The attorneys at our law firm are on your side. We want you to go home.

The firearm "enhancement" means more time in prison. The federal government adds a mandatory five years additional prison time if a gun was used in the commission of a crime. In Illinois, if a gun was used in a killing, the state adds a mandatory 25 years-to-life sentence onto any other time already given. A felon in possession of a firearm faces further Draconian penalties.

We challenge the evidence. Mr. Meczyk knows how to get fact-specific about a case. How was the gun found? How can the government know who put the gun there or who it belonged to? Were your rights violated when the firearm was found? Did the police have a reason to stop your car? If there was a stop with no probable cause, if drugs were found along with a gun, we will challenge the evidence and protect your rights.

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If you have been accused of or charged with a crime involving firearms, seek skilled legal counsel right away. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853. We provide 24-hour live answering service for your convenience.