Illinois Attorneys For Criminal Defense And Appeals

When a mistake was made at trial, when there was an error in process or in rulings, there is a remedy — an appeal. At Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, we work with clients and their attorneys nationwide in preparing and presenting appeals. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853.

We Understand What It Takes To Craft A Detailed Appeal

If a guilty verdict was a result of a mistake, you have the right to appeal. The appellate process, however, is difficult and is very detail-oriented.

Attention to detail is essential. The trial record needs to be carefully reviewed to find reversible error. Our law firm works with appellate brief writers to assure that an appeal is compelling and properly written. This could be the only chance to change the verdict. We make sure that special attention is paid to every single word, sentence, and argument that goes before the judge.

Our courtroom experience pays off in oral arguments. Attorney Ralph Meczyk of Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates has extensive and successful trial experience. We know how to react quickly with incisive arguments when a judge asks a question because we make it a practice to know every detail of the court record.

Contact Us To Learn More About Your Options For Appeal

An appeal may be your best chance at freedom. Make sure you have an appellate lawyer who can present arguments forcefully and accurately. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853. We provide 24-hour live answering service for your convenience.