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If you're facing serious criminal charges, it is likely the prosecutor wants to see you go away for a long time. The power of the state or federal government is lined up against you. You need a criminal defense lawyer — NOW — who has the confidence and skills to go into a courtroom and fight for your freedom. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853.

We Have Been Protecting People's Rights For Decades

At Ralph E. Meczyk & Associates in Chicago, Illinois, we have represented clients in Illinois and throughout the United States. Criminal defense attorney Ralph Meczyk has taken more than 150 cases to a jury verdict and he makes a study of how to win because we know how important winning is for our clients.

In our more than 30 years of practice, we continue to build our courtroom skills. We know how to develop an effective theory of the case, how to challenge evidence, how to cross-examine witnesses and how to find the weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

We Provide A Strong Defense Against A Wide Range Of Criminal Charges

If the charges against you are serious, we are the attorneys to call.

  • Drug offenses: Drug distribution, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug cultivation
  • White collar crime: Embezzlement, honest services fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering
  • Violent crime: Kidnapping, aggravated battery, manslaughter, capital murder, carjacking, domestic assault, domestic violence
  • Sex offenses/Internet crime: Internet child pornography, Internet sex crimes, sexual assault, sexual battery, rape, statutory rape
  • Firearms/gun crimes: Felon in possession, weapons enhancement charges
  • RICO/racketeering: Conspiracy, fraud, organized crime, criminal drug conspiracy
  • Public corruption: Police officers, political figures, law enforcement
  • Grand jury proceedings: Subpoenas, investigations, targets
  • Appeals: State and federal

When your freedom is at stake, our goal is to get you through this with as little damage as possible. We want you to hear that "not guilty" verdict.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, it is important to get legal advice as soon as possible. Contact us online or call 312.332.2853. We provide 24-hour live answering service for your convenience.