Chicago's Ralph E. Meczyk Played a Vital Role in Peterson Defense

RELEASED: September 19, 2012


In a high-profile criminal matter like the recent murder trial of Drew Peterson, the testimony of one witness can make or break the case. Chicago criminal defense attorney Ralph E. Meczyk demonstrated the importance of effective cross-examination in the Peterson trial, exposing important nuances in witness testimony.

One of six defense attorneys representing Peterson, Meczyk avoided the media spotlight throughout the course of the trial. "It's not my style," he explained to the Chicago Tribune.

Instead, he chose to shine inside the courtroom, specifically during his cross-examination of two key witnesses. Meczyk questioned forensic pathologists Dr. Larry Blum, who testified that Kathleen Savio's 2007 drowning was caused by homicide, and Dr. Michael Baden, who was the first to notice some of her injuries. Meczyk was able to find inconsistencies in the pathologists' testimony while highlighting the lack of hard physical evidence against his client.

For example, Meczyk's cross-examination revealed that an earlier autopsy by a respected pathologist led to a finding that Savio died from accidental drowning and several other pathologists agreed. In addition, he demonstrated that no DNA exists to link Drew Peterson to a struggle with Savio before her death.

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